Cultivating 21st Century Instructional Leaders
Melissa Shields, Etowah County Schools
Closing the Achievement Gap (2015)


Classroom Rounds Tool

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Don't Beat a Dead Horse
6 People You Need in Your Corner (For Administrators)

"Call Me, Maybe" Back to School Video for Teachers

The Central Office wanted the teachers and students to know that we can participate in project-based lessons too. This video was shared on the first day of our district-wide inservice called "Institute" coming back from the summer. The teachers loved it. The video features our superintendent, CFO, accountants, district administrators, lunchroom managers, and other CO staff.

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ENGAGE Wiki for Administrators
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Published articles about our ENGAGE initiative:
Digital Is - "Cultivating 21st Century Leaders"
Digital Is - "Principals, Meet Facebook"
Tech&Learning - "How Schools Get PD Done"

Principals, Meet Facebook - Blogs
ENGAGE Discussion #1: What do you find are your weaknesses in regard to your role as a 21st Century school leader? What are your strengths?

ENGAGE Discussion #2: What are you doing as the instructional leader to encourage 21st Century teaching and/or learning at your school?

ENGAGE Discussion #3: Name a technology, lesson, or Web 2.0 tool that you feel has made a significant impact at your school in preparing students with the "3 R's" (Relevance, Readiness, and Rigor)?

ENGAGE Discussion #4: What 21st Century technologies and/or Web 2.0 tools would like to see more of in your classrooms this year? Why?

Etowah County Social Media Guidelines

Principals Podcasting

Principals were given Flip cameras and 30 minutes to create a video about why parents should send students to their schools. Principals got in groups, according to their school communities and wrote the scripts, performed, and uploaded their videos to our PD Ning within 45 minutes.


Current ECBOE Initiative

We Teach and Learn - Cheerleaders from all six high schools greet ECBOE teachers for August Inservice and perform the "perfect cheer."
This was our district's Student Services Director's (Dr. Kim Mintz) idea!

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Technology Professional Development
ECBOE Summer Technology Symposium

We offered two sessions a day, Monday-Thursday the month of June. Over 25 sessions were offered, and over 400 ECBOE teachers attended. For a complete listing of all session, see

Digital Disconnect

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Unblocking Twitter, Youtube, and's okay, you can do it.

As an administrator, do you consider yourself of aware? Can you see the forest AND the trees?

Previous Conference Sessions
ISTE - San Antonio, 2013 & SSA Fall Conference, 2013
(Keynote) W-TETA, Tennessee 2013 (PPT)

Principally Speaking 2012 (PPT)