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This website contains the handouts and PPTs provided at the following conferences:
Alabama Council Teachers of English Conference (ACTE)
Florida Education Technology Conference (FETC)
Alabama Education Technology Conference (AETC)
International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)
ALNBCT EdCamp & ALNBCT Conference
Dr. Melissa Shields, NBCT
Session Handouts
ISTE Handout
(Extended version of previous handouts. More rubrics, student samples, and resources)

Session PowerPoints

ALNBCT Conference (2018)

ISTE PowerPoint
FETC PowerPoint
AETC PowerPoint

PBL / Authentic Learning Checklist for Teachers

When I Become a Teacher: http://homepage.mac.com/lesleyu/iMovieTheater.html


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Cool Web Publishing Places

Brush Strokes (Image Grammar by Harry Noden)
Brush Stroke Slides and Practice (Melissa Shields)
What is Image Grammar? (Training Slide Show for Teachers) http://www.scribd.com/doc/3661786/Image-Grammar
Image Grammar Review

Alabama Council Teachers of English Conference (October 2008)Florida Education Technology Conference (January 2009)V-AETC (June 11, 2009)ISTE (June 2010)ALNBCT EdCamp (July 2017)ALNBCT Conference (January 2018)