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Google Docs... Rock!

Google Docs
is a suite of free online software applications including word-processing, spreadsheet, presentation and survey applications.
Google Docs enables multiple users in different locations to collaborate simultaneously on the same project. If you and another collaborator are editing the same document at the same time, a box at the bottom left of the screen will appear, telling you the name of the collaborator/s you're working with. Thus Google Docs supports students working in teams, enabling them to collaborate online. The history feature means that all saved versions of the document are archived. Other educational applications include using a word-processing document shared only with the teacher as an online reflective journal and using forms for self- and peer- feedback and evaluations as well as for short surveys (copied from elearning @ http://elearn.itcarlow.ie/topic/GoogleDocs.htm)

Watch a short screencast demonstrating some of the main features of Google Docs.


What are Google Docs? http://www.google.com/google-d-s/tour1.html

Sample Googlehttps://docs.google.com/Doc?id=df9p5mp_94dmz8tsdn Doc and Wiki Student Permission Form: http://docs.google.com